Freedom Discipleship House

Freedom Discipleship House is a Christ centered program, this is what sets us apart.  This ministry is different from a typical alcohol and drug rehabilitation program.  Our main goal is to help a person restore fellowship with the One who created them --- which ultimately leads to their sobriety.  Freedom Discipleship House is a ministry of restoration  --- not a rehab.  Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities may help a person with an addiction, but they don't cure a person's sinful nature.  If there isn't true repentance of sin, that same person will become "addicted" to other things, such as smoking cigarettes, gambling, pornography, eating disorders --- the list can go on and on.  When a person gets clean or sober, we love it and celebrate with them.  But if an addict doesn't find peace with God through the gospel, their life remains bound in sin.  What then have they really gained?  Where will they be in the end?

Freedom Discipleship House is an intense, in-depth, 6 month plan designed to help men and women understand the root causes of their issues and why their lives aren’t working​ out.  We then help them learn how to rebuild their lives on the truth of God's word and how to have a solid biblical foundation with lasting solutions.  This allows them to be the happy ​and fulfilled Christian God has called them to be.

Our program focuses on the individual's entire life: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social.  This ministry offers adults the help they need to overcome addictions and other issues that may have devastated their lives.  It isn’t easy — it takes time, commitment and a lot of hard work.

Here at Freedom Discipleship House we offer individuals the time and help they need to complete the good work He (GOD) has began in their life.

We are seeking those individuals who are seriously committed to change and who really want to be set totally free from bad habits, hurts, hindrances, and hangups.  We are here to help individuals tackle any and all issues that have held them back; drugs, alcohol, pornography, sexual abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse (whether the abused, the abuser or both).  We understand that impact that hurts and trauma  such as divorce, rape, grief or loss, gambling, lying, stealing, cutting or even pride can have on an individual's life.  Any issue that keeps pulling them back from the fullness of what God has for them must be dealt with and overcome in order to find true and lasting freedom.  The Freedom Discipleship House is a good place to start over in a fresh new walk with God.


What Is The Cost?

Freedom Discipleship House is offered at NO COST !!!!  There are no financial costs associated with participating in this residential program.  All expenses associated to program costs and room and board are covered by private donations from churches and individuals.  Freedom Discipleship House receives no local, state or federal funding or grants and stand to make no financial gain from the individual attendees or their families.

This Ministry is a non-profit 501c3 and can give receipts for all gifts to this ministry.  We trust God to meet all our needs.  If you feel this may be a place for you and have no money, it's okay.  We trust God to meet all of our needs.  "Freely we have received and freely we will give."  Here at Freedom Discipleship House we have no paid staff.  We trust that if the Lord leads an individual here, He will provide for that is needed

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