Classes Offered 

First Three Months

Foundation Bible Doctrine I

This class will help you understand foundation truths that God wants you to hear on topics such as sin, salvation, spiritual gifts, prayer, worship, generosity and evangelism.  It will show you how the Bible is "God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" (2 Timothy 3:16).  It will help you understand that the faith you hold has true power to change lives and transform nations.  It will give you a solid foundation the enemy cannot dismantle—and a heart shaped by the knowledge of God's Word.    ~ 15 hours ~

Clean, Sober & Saved

This is an Addiction Education - 12 step class with an emphasis on drug and alcohol dependence and addictions.  

It deals directly with alcoholism and addictions!  Developed to help people find their way out of the deep issues beneath alcoholism, addictions, prevent relapse, overcome anger, bitterness and resentments and to understand 

and strengthen the Spiritual side of recovery.    ~ 16 hours ~

Healing Trauma

Trauma can sink into the soul and cause core wounding that is difficult to notice and describe, but it can affect a person's life far more severely than some physical wounds.  To promote emotional healing, this class targets past hurts, habits, hindrances, abuse and neglect.  Our heart is to do more than put band-aids on people who are bleeding to death emotionally.  We believe that we all need to learn how to overcome and heal from trauma.    ~ 24 hours ~ 

Discovering & Demolishing Anger

Anger is the root of many forms of bondage, addictions and despair.  This class will identify the source of anger that an individual experiences and help understand how to handle and release that anger.    ~ 20 hours ~

Overcoming & Conquer

This class is a cinematic teaching on sexual purity to help men and women to get to the root of the sin, while offering proven principles and practical tools to walk in freedom from sexual sin.    ~ 8 hours ~

Smashing Shame

Our relationships, interactions and habits are all based out of the shame that we feel or have had placed upon us.  This class is designed to destroy the strongholds of shame!  It not only helps free individuals from the bondage of denial, roots of shame and rejection and their devastating effects but also teaches us to see ourselves as valuable and important members of this world.    ~ 12 hours ~


Practical work training two to five days each week on the LRM Missions' campuses in Litchfield.  Special projects have also been something that peers have participated in.  this opportunity not only teaches basic work 

skills but also responsibility, following directions, submitting to authority and even leadership.    ~ 90 hours ~

Classes Offered 

​Last Three Months

Building Boundaries

Learn how to build healthy relationships, build a biblical foundation and create practical tools for helping others respect your boundaries—whether you are not responding to a text message immediately or saying no when someone asks you to volunteer for one more activity.  Discover firsthand how good boundaries give you the 

freedom to live as the loving, generous, fulfilled person God created you to be.    ~ 12 hours ~

Foundation Bible Doctrine II

Without a solid foundation in theology, it is difficult to be a sound interpreter of the scriptures.The purpose of this class is to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us.The text has been written in such a way as to provide "seed to the sower and bread to the eater."    ~ 50 hours ~

FDH Relapse Prevention

The path to relapse occurs long before you actually use drugs or act out.  A vital component of relapse prevention is to learn how to detect the early warning signs of potential problems that might steer you towards relapse.  By identifying these factors, you can take positive steps to remain on your path of sobriety.  The better one is at spotting the signs of possible relapse, the earlier you can take action to ensure long-term sobriety.  Relapse prevention classes teach one to learn their weaknesses when it comes to their emotional or mental health issues.  Negative emotional states such as depression, anger, anxiety—or even boredom—often create high-risk situations associated with relapse.  One may have used drugs to avoid experiencing these uncomfortable emotions, so we teach how to address this in a healthy way.  Peers will learn how to recognize and deal with situations involving conflict with other people.  We help each peer learn how to discover any social pressures they may have, such as the people and places that would cause relapse.  Pressures includes both verbal and nonverbal pressures from friends or people in your social circles.  These pressures may seem harmless, such as being around people who are using drugs or alcohol, a friend teasing you about not using drugs or alcohol.  Any social situation where drugs are being used makes it easy for one to relapse - learn to avoid them at all costs.  We teach each one to beware of celebrations or other positive events: weddings, sporting events, graduations, or other special occasions generally viewed as positive activities, yet they are often associated with alcohol or other substance use.  These may therefore play a large role in relapse.  One may have used drugs to celebrate or to enhance positive feelings.  Class teaches one to become aware of this as another risk factor in relapse.    ~ 16 hours ~

Evangelism classes

This class teaches us to be better equipped to effectively share the Gospel.  It will help you to grow in fulfilling the 'Great Commission'.  It will tackle to many obstacles that keep people from sharing their faith.  With a solid foundation on moving in the gifts of the Spirit while interacting with the lost, you can gain a clear doctrine of salvation and how to communicate it.  You can overcome obstacles when conversing with individuals who need Jesus, become comfortable with starting conversations and gain a confidence from the Lord as an effective soul-winner no matter your personality.  This class will bear fruit that will remain.   ~ 12 hours ~

Parenting Classes

We understand and have noticed that your child did not come with an instruction manual.  This class will teach you

how to use 'heavenly GPS' to help you navigate through the pitfalls and perils of parenting.  Training Up A Child 

will guide you back to the heart of parenting through four easy to remember parenting scenarios...... Choices ~

Consequences ~ Compassion ~ Consistency.  We understand that no one required you to pass a course before you 

became a parent, but with God by your side being your guide, you can learn a new way.    ~ 16 hours ~

Study of Book of Revelation

A complete, advanced prophetic study syllabus that clearly explains the 22 chapters of the Apocalypse 

~ 14 hours ~

Community Church Attendance and Involvement

Weekly participation in Sunday morning and evening church services, weekly prayer meetings and attendance of

other services and church events throughout the area.


Continuation of practical work training now four to five days each week on the LRM Missions' campuses.    

~ 120 hours ~

Individual Biblical Counseling

 Individual counseling, guidance and support based upon Biblical principles to assist a  peer through each class 

and phase of the program to help them achieve lasting success.    ~ 25 or more hours ~