The Freedom Discipleship House Program

The complete regeneration program requires a total 6-month commitment.

Induction Period: Begins day one of your​ arrival and can last as long as eight days.  During this time the individual will get rest, receive supplies, become familiar with the other people and their surroundings as well as get settled into their space.  Following the Induction Period, there is an: 

Orientation Period: This period last about 6 days. This is where you receive the rules and regulations along with a face to face explanation of how F.D.H works.  This is where the individual (known a the peer) will begin to develop their relationship with the Lord and gain more of an understanding of the F.D.H program.  Peers will get to know the staff and teachers of each individual class.  Peers will write a personal contract stating specific achievable goals they intend to attain during the remainder of the program after Orientation.

Regeneration Period: The next four month process is where peers  learn that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity and that the cross is the focal point for all forgiveness. This period is where Biblical counseling, the process of Inner Healing and classroom teachings and methods we use to address the spiritual, mental, and physical issues involved with sin, addiction and our old worldly ways of living.

Discipleship Training Period: The peers then enter these last weeks of their discipleship and begin walk out all that they have  learned in how to stay free from all the previous addictions, all their past hurts, hindrances and bad habits and the person they used to be.  Each will now learn to walk in the truth of who God says they truly are now.  In this period of the program every peer is assigned a work task for approximately two up to  four hours a day five day's a week according to each peer's ability and skills.  The purpose is to learn proper work ethics, apply relational skills and to develop team work in a closely supervised environment as well as learn how to deal with pressured situations and stay on track in their new life style.